Lending activities (E-Book)

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Lending activities (E-Book)

Modular, practice-oriented and up-to-date, the 17 learning booklets impart in-depth banking knowledge
according to the latest didactic findings.

BankingToday is designed for versatile use. From self-study to complete
integration into organised learning units.

Target groups

Trainees in banks and banking-related companies, secondary school trainees, newcomers to banking and employees of banks, employees of companies in the same sector, secondary school students, vocational school students and other people in banking-related training and further education.

This folder contains the learning booklets on the following topics:
Financing 1 - Basics of the credit business; Financing 2 - Pledged, secured and guaranteed credit, credit without collateral; Financing 3 - Mortgage business; Trade finance.
Also part of BankingToday are the two folders:

- Banking and Payments with 6 learning booklets.
- Finance and Trade Finance with 7 learning booklets

The modules of BankingToday can only be obtained in the form of ready-made folders. Exception: Members of the CYP and the Swiss Bankers Association can also obtain individual modules.

Further information on BankingToday can be found at www.compendio.ch/bankingtoday.

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