Banking and payment transactions (E-Book)

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Banking and payment transactions (E-Book)

Comprising 17 textbooks and online training material, BankingToday provides a modular, practical approach that combines in-depth information on banking with innovative teaching.
BankingToday adapts to any learning configuration, from independent study to fullyintegrated teaching in modules. Everything is possible.

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Target audience
• Trainees in banking and banking related sectors
• Secondary school trainees
• New recruits and other banking sector employees
• Employees in related sectors
• Students in secondary schools / vocational schools and anyone else acquiring or updating skills in a banking-related activity

This set contains textbooks on the following subjects:
• Banking 1 – Introduction to the world of banking
• Banking 2 – Banking regulation, compliance, annual financial statements and risk management
• Money laundering
• Deposit services
• Basic services
• The Swiss National Bank

BankingToday also includes the following two sets:
• Finance and business transactions (7 textbooks)
• Lending activities (4 textbooks)

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Auflage: 8th edition 2018

Umfang: 327 Seiten, BankingToday Set

ISBN: 9783715577289

Art. Nr.: E-16183

Code: CYPOE 010

Sprache: Englisch

Reihe: BankingToday




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