Finance and business transactions (E-Book).

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Finance and business transactions (E-Book).

Modular, practical and up-to-date, the 17 learning booklets impart in-depth banking knowledge
according to the latest didactic findings.

BankingToday is designed for a wide range of uses. From self-study to complete
integration into organised learning units, everything is possible.

Target groups

Trainees in banks and banking-related companies
Secondary school trainees
New bank entrants and employees of banks
Employees of companies related to the banking sector
Secondary school students, vocational school students and other people in bank-related training and further education programmes


This module contains the learning booklets on the following topics:

Investing 1 - Overview and equity securities
Investing 2 - Bonds, money market instruments and investment funds
Investing 3 - Forward transactions, structured products and alternative investments
Investment advisory and portfolio management 
The Stock Exchange
Foreign exchange and precious metals
Investment Banking


BankingToday also includes the two modules:

Banking and payment transactions with 6 exercise books
Lending activities with 4 booklets

The BankingToday course booklets cannot be purchased individually but only in the form of complete modules. Exception: Members of the CYP and the Swiss Bankers Association can also purchase individual booklets.

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