Foundations in Swiss Banking Management  

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Foundations in Swiss Banking Management

Autorenschaft: Horst Bienert | Suzanne Ziegler

These days, banking and financial crises are rarely out of the headlines in the financial press and Switzerland, with its strong banking tradition, is particularly affected. This textbook offers a sound introduction to the world of banks: part one focuses on the Swiss banking sector, its structures and its integration into institutional contexts. Part two deals with the key fields of activity of an individual bank, including its business model, customer segementation and risk management. The book therefore covers both the generally applicable princples of bank management and the characteristic features of the Swiss banking system.

This book is intended for students of banking and finance at university level. Its clear, didactic structure facilitates independent learning, while practical examples and exercises with solutions promote understanding and the transfer of knowledge. Consequently the book can also serve as a reference work and as reading matter for anyone seeking an in-depth introduction to the field of bank management.

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1. Banking system from a Swiss perspective (20 Seiten)
1.1 Development of the Swiss banking sector
1.2 Switzerland's banks
1.3 Banking crises
1.4 International interdependence
1.5 Outlook
1.6 Review

2. Financial market infrastructure (10 Seiten)
2.1 Process of a financial transaction
2.2 Importance of the financial market infrastructure
2.3 The Swiss Value Chain
2.4 Financial market infrastructure and system stability
2.4 Review

3. Monetary economy and monetary policy (34 Seiten)
3.1 Bartering economy and monetary economy
3.2 Money
3.3 Money aggregates and money creation
3.4 Quantity theory of money
3.5 Central banks
3.6 Monetary system in Switzerland
3.7 Implementation of monetary policy by the Swiss Nation Bank
3.8 International interdependence
3.9 Review

4. Supervision and regulation (23 Seiten)
4.1 Theory of regulation
4.2 Core elements of banking regulation
4.3 Bank regulation in Switzerland
4.4 International interdependence
4.5 Outlook
4.6 Review

5. Banking theory (11 Seiten)
5.1 Explaining the existence of banks
5.2 Financial markets and financial intermediation
5.3 Functions of banks
5.4 Review

6. Business models and organization (29 Seiten)
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Business models of banks
6.3 Structure and process organization of banks
6.4 Information technology in banks
6.5 Review

7. Client needs and client segmentation (12 Seiten)
7.1 Innovation
7.2 Client needs
7.3 Bank services
7.4 Advice
7.5 Segmentation
7.6 Review

8. Private banking in Switzerland (22 Seiten)
8.1 Concept and business definition
8.2 Swiss private banking market
8.3 Environmental changes since the financial and economic crisis in 2007
8.4 Review

9. Risk management (21 Seiten)
9.1 Conceptual and regulatory principles
9.2 Practice of risk management
9.3 Review

10. Bank accounting (18 Seiten)
10.1 Accounting and controlling in banking
10.2 Financial reporting for banks
10.3 Operational bank accounting
10.4 Review

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Auflage: 1st edition 2013

Umfang: 212 Seiten, A4, broschiert

ISBN: 9783715599076

Art. Nr.: 12112

Code: XBV 016

Sprache: Englisch

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