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Banking Today


«BankingToday» is the official Swiss teaching material for trainees in banking and finance as well as in banking-related institutions and business. No matter if you are seeking a lateral move or career change or if you would just like to learn more about the banking industry, our textbooks provide the foundational knowledge for jobs in banking and finance.

«BankingToday» is published by Compendio Bildungsmedien on behalf of SwissBanking (SBVg). Together with CYP (Challenge Your Potential), we are continuously improving and adjusting the content so that we can publish a new edition of the teaching material according to the latest developments every year.

«BankingToday» consists of 17 booklets, each of them belonging to one of three learning modules in total. Each module comes in a readymade folder. The three folders are sold in a bundle only. Exception: Members of CYP (Challenge Your Potential) and SwissBanking can purchase individual modules. All 17 booklets of «BankingToday» are available in English, German, French and Italian.

Overview of topics:



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«BankingToday» digital

We offer company licences for banking institutes and banking-related companies. A company licence is giving the following benefits to your company:

  • Unlimited use within the company.
  • The number of employees in your company is the determining factor for the price of the company licence.
  • All companies with a company license get 40% off on their purchase of «BankingToday» no matter if purchased as booklet/folder or as e-book.


All information on our company license including the conditions can be found here:


Regular updates

«BankingToday» is revised on an annual basis. Below you can find the updates via PDF download as per edition 2021.


Banking and payment transactions:

2019_2022_Banking and payment transactions_Update_U2062.pdf
2020_2022_Banking and payment transactions_Update_U2062.pdf
2021_2022_Banking and payment transactions_Update_N2062.pdf


Finance and business transactions:

2019_2022_Finance and business transactions_Update_U2062.pdf
2020_2022_Finance and business transactions_Update_U2062.pdf
2021_2022_Finance and business transactions_Update_N2062.pdf 


Lending activities:

2019_2022_Lending activities_Update_U2062.pdf
2020_2022_Lending activities_Update_U2062.pdf
2021_2022_Lending activities_Update_N2062.pdf



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