Human and Economic Geography  

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Human and Economic Geography

Concise texts, tasks, glossary and biligual index

Autorenschaft: Helena Egli-Broz | Garrett Nagle | Nicholas Hampton
Redaktion: Helena Egli-Broz

This concise 'Human and Economic Geography' is based on 'Advanced Geography' by Garrett Nagle and has been adapted and amended to meet the guidelines of the Swiss MAR. All topics have been supplemented with special information and data regarding the Swiss context.

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The book deals with the following subjects: population, rural and urban settlements, regional inequalities, spatial planning, agriculture, energy, industry, services, tourism, transport, trade, development and underdevelopment.

This study book is designed for immersion-classes in secondary schools. It provides an abstract of the important topics of human and economic geography by way of inputs that can be further enlarged upon by the teacher. Various tasks including map work, chart drawing, interviews, discussions, oral presentations, reading and writing have been designed to train skills, fluency and vocabulary. A glossary has been added as well as indexes English-German and German-English to offer additional support.

A separate teachers teacher's resource book in German containing the answers to the tasks, suggestions for classroom work, helpful links and references to further readings is also available.

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1. Population
1.1 Population density and distribution
1.2 Population composition and population pyramids
1.3 Population growth
1.4 Demographic transition model
1.5 Family planning in developing countries
1.6 Migration
1.7 Population and resources

2. Rural and urban settlements
2.1 Rural settlements
2.2 Urban settlements

3. Regional inequalities and spatial planning
3.1 Regional inequalities
3.2 Spatial planning in Switzerland

4. Agriculture
4.1 Forms of agriculture
4.2 The importance of agriculture
4.3 The effects of intensive agriculture
4.4 Agriculture in Switzerland

5. Energy
5.1 Energy consumption and standard of living
5.2 Energy resources
5.3 Energy situation in Switzerland

6. Industry
6.1 Structure and location
6.2 Innovations in industry
6.3 Changes in the manufacturing sector
6.4 High-technology and knowledge-based industries
6.5 Industry and the environment
6.6 Industry in Switzerland

7. Services and tourism
7.1 Services
7.2 Tourism

8. Transport and trade
8.1 Transport
8.2 Trade

9. Development and underdevelopment
9.1 Defining and measuring development
9.2 Poverty, education and development
9.3 Health and development
9.4 Development and aid
9.5 World debt

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ISBN: 2000000329239

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Sprache: Englisch

Reihe: Geografie Grundlagen


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population, rural and urban settlements, regional inequalities, spatial planning, agriculture,

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